Tuesday, 13 October 2009


These are the first two poems I wrote for her:


New York. New York. New York.
There. Now it's been named
THREE times.


There was some tension and some
teariness, some coffee, toast and
bacon. With ketchup. She laughed
and said she had never seen such a
thing in New York, and what with
that and the deep fried pizza we
talked about opening a Scottish
health food store there. Then we
took photos of each other on our
mobile phones and went to her gate,
spoke silently with hands together;
we held and kissed one another, and
parted. I stood and watched her
until she turned a corner, and
dreamed about her coming the
other way on her next visit as tears
thought about it.

She's visited here twice now, we're engaged and wearing betrothal rings, which you can see in the picture there. And now the plan is for me to go over there for Christmas and New Year, spend the festive season with her and meet her family and friends. And buy engagement rings together, of course. It all just depends on finance (not the rings, which needn't cost much, but the flight), which is why a DONATE button has suddenly appeared here. I am scrimping and saving, have a tin (which once contained a bottle of fine malt whisky) for spare change and contributions, but that isn't going to raise the £500 we need to reach. Please don't feel pressured, but any small amount you feel able to give to send me to another continent for a couple of weeks to be with my Woman would be gratefully received.
Sorry to seem so mercenary on Dodophobia, but needs must.


  1. Hi Cam,

    speaking of your wonderful poetry, I googled "dodophobia" and came up with this:


    wonderful tribute to the days in Munich :)

    you should link to it!

  2. Not only that, but the day I started this blog I googled "dodophobia Cameron" and I am a googlewhack! There was one and only one hit. Same on Yahoo. I feel very proud.

    Yeah we did an interview by e-mail for that article. I sold six books on the strength of it too.

  3. I got three hits on Yahoo, two unrelated to yours.....hmmmm......

  4. Were you searching "dodophobia Cameron" or just "dodophobia"? Just dodophobia gives three results, one of them a guy defining it as "fear of stupid people", although a phobia is specifically an IRRATIONAL fear and there is nothing irrational about fearing stupid people, whereas there surely can be few things more irrational than fear of an extinct animal.