Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A visit from the moos.

This was actually written a while ago, its seed first planted just over a year ago on my first visit to Susan's relatives in New Jersey, including my new (in at least two senses) niece.

She was eight months old and had
never seen a beard before. It
bewildered her, scared her, she
shied away from this furry monster.
But a week of my silliness made
her curiosity overtake her terror,
and she finally reached out a tiny
hand to touch and examine this
extraordinary thing. She performed
a small act of science, and got her
first lesson in the truth that different
does not equal bad.


  1. thank you cameron... that was beautiful. hazel is proving to be a very curious young thing, and although she is still a bit shy about beards, she craves the "new ones." anything new and different is her delight. thanks for remembering her.